ERJ 145 Passenger To Combi & Freighter Conversion

Development of a new cargo/combi conversion for the Embrair ERJ 145 aircraft.

Industry Partners MACC Aero and Phoenix Aero Systems and have engaged Genova Engineering to provide engineering services for the development of a passenger to freighter conversion for ERJ 145 series aircraft.

More information about this program can be found at


Assembly Tooling

Genova was recently contracted to develop tooling for elements of a passenger to cargo aircraft modification. Below is an example of an alignment and drill fixture for a double frame. This is a componen t of a pre-assembly tooling set (some structure shown removed for clarity of illustration).


Engineering Orders for Repairs

Aircraft repairs must be performed using approved methods. Often these can be accomplished by referring to the OEM's Structural Repair Manual (SRM). When the scope of repair falls outside the practices outlined in the SRM, a repair must be designed and approved by a Designated Engineering Representative (DER). Genova Engineering is well versed in creating Engineering Orders (EO) which cover these types of repairs and more. Here's a recent *oops* that happened during routine maintenance and the repair EO which was subsequently generated.

Contact us if you need help with repair design and documentation.






LOPA - Layout of Passenger Accommodations

Layout of Passenger Accommodations (LOPA), we've done quite a few of these in the January / February 2013 timeframe, with accompanying engineering orders. Contact Genova Engineering for rapid response to your LOPA development needs.




SBIR Award, Project Execution, and Delivery

Genova Engineering has completed the Phase I development of On-Orbit DNA, RNA and Protein Extraction. The project successfully demonstrated the core functionality to isolate nucelic acids and protein from pelleted cells. Total elapsed time: 5 months, 10 days. A picture of the device cannot be shown here, but an image of the DNA  gelelctrophoresis output is shown below. This is an Agarose gel (0.8%) of DNA isolates from Control # 3 and demonstration experiments #6 and #7.

Genova was invited to submit a Phase II proposal, which was delivered on August 23, 2012.