Fokker F28 Series Cargo Conversion - Press

News of the Fokker F28-100 Freightship project has been enthusiastically received by the aviation community, and global interest in the project has been growing over the past year. This attention has not been overlooked by the press. Two trade publications have recently published articles on the project for web and magazine distribution.

“Combi freighter plan emerges for Fokker 100", Flight Global, February 4, 2011


International fame for Genova Engineering arrives on page 3 of the print version of this article where GELLC gets a positive mention. It’s all good. The abbreviated web version is here; You might need a Dutch to your native language translator for the content of this link:

“Fokker100Freightship: New destination for phased-out F100”, Piloot En Vliegtuig, February 2011


Fokker F28 Series Cargo Conversion - Progress

Development of the Large Utility Door (LUD) and Fokker F28-100 Section 1 fuselage digital mockup for client Phoenix Aero Solutions continues. Attachment of the LUD to the fuselage is either by conventional piano-type hinge arrangement, or potentially a side-sliding design which would elimnate the costly lift actuator and associated structure. Low development and production costs, passed on to the customer is the goal.

F8-100 LUD Progress


Fokker F28 Series Cargo Conversion

Work continues on engineering studies in support of Phoenix Aero Solutions' Fokker 100 cargo conversion project. The project has been expanded to include the Fokker 70 versions of the F28 airframe.

  • General Arrangment Drawings pre-released, MDL framework developed
  • Cargo net hard point initial concepts have been developed.
  • E-Class cargo liner test coupons are nearing production.
  • Cargo container loading studies are to be conducted in the next week.
  • Large Utility Door (LUD) structural design and operational concepts are slated to begin in late September.


CoBra IP - Two Banger Bale Accumulator IN Production

Genova Engineering, LLC. (GELLC), has completed work assisting CoBra-IP, LLC., Burwell, NE, with finalizing the drawing package for their patent-pending "Two Banger Bale Accumulator". The client's design was modified to include structural enhancements bourne out of GELLC's in-house FEA analysis. Additionally, GELLC worked closely with composite bearing manufacturers in order to redesign the mechanism's joints to be greaseless and maintenance free for the lifetime of the machine. Production of this new forage implement is slated to begin prior to the close of 2010.

For more information see http://www.cobraip.com/


Structural Analysis - Agricultural Equipment

Mason City Enterprises has engaged Genova Engineering to provide structural analysis services for the patent pending "Magic Two Banger" bale hauler.